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Best Metal Benchtop Lathe

Multifunction 4 Jaw chuck Mini lathe Wooden bead machine Woodworking lathe 220V

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Note:This item only support 220V

Cross-in-one turret lathe and vice-motor-type beads machine, the machine can pass cars bead car polishing sanding Engraving is a very useful tool, feature-rich and varied, as long as a machine can change the role of several machines. the machine is shaped beads punch integration, all wood products can be processed to produce beads, bracelets, beads, wooden beads, beads as the preferred machine! Machinable materials: Bodhi, horny class, wood, etc.

1.Small size, easy to carry, structural optimization, high quality stainless steel with 1.5mm thickness and strength greatly enhanced
2.The electronic variable speed function, with power indicator: easier to operate and control, low noise aluminum belt drive
3.4 jaw chuck can clamp square and round wood
4.Side of the motor has two heads, an installation tool to make beads, one can in turn be used to install the chuck polished beads
5.Dual speed motors, two-switch can be perforated polished honed polished wood beads carved-in-one

1.Input voltage:220V
4.Chuck diameter: 80mm
5.Chuck maximum clamping range: 7cm
6.Minimum chuck clamping range: 2mm
7.Vice Motor power: 350W
8.Vice motor speed: 500-8000RPM
9.Motor shaft diameter: 8MM