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Sherline 8440B – Complete CNC Lathe System

Sherline 8400B – Complete CNC Lathe Systems
Sherline’s complete CNC package can now be ordered with a lathe instead of a mill. It includes two stepper motors fitted to stepper motor mounts on the lead screw and crosslide axes. (The tailstock spindle remains manually controlled.)
Also included is a VCS Hobbies computer with Linux and EMC preinstalled, keyboard, mouse, 4-axis driver board and power supply installed inside the computer and backup software in a 2-CD set. The most popular and practical conversion includes our long bed Model 4400 lathe with 17″ between centers.
“B” Package – What’s Included:

4400 Lathe
VCS Hobbies CNC PC
CNC Stepper Motor Mounts Installed
Linux EMC Software installed
4-Axis Controller Box
All Cables
3.1″ 3-jaw Chuck
3/8″ Tailstock Chuck
1074 Steady rest
1191 Live Center
3002 Cutoff Tool and Holder
3007 3-pc 1/4″ HSS Cutting Tool Set (LH, RH, Boring)
3020 5/32″ T-driver
3021 3-pc Center Drill Set
5327 Sherline Accessories Shop Guide Book